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The working principle of the steam oven AC/DC boiler fan motor is that the motor drives the impeller to rotate, causing the air to enter the heating cavity from the air inlet. Then the heating element heats the air and converts it into hot air. Finally, the hot air is output from the air outlet.

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When it comes to maintaining the perfect environment within your steam oven, Maxtech's advanced steam oven AC/DC HVAC Blower Motor is the optimal choice. Our state-of-the-art HVAC blower motor is designed to exhaust the water vapor generated during a steam oven's operation, thereby ensuring a dry and conducive internal environment. This, in turn, substantially improves the processing efficiency of your steam oven. Our HVAC blower motor is not just a component of your steam oven; it's an essential part that determines the overall functionality and effectiveness of your appliance. By using our HVAC blower motor, you're assuring that water vapour will get efficiently exhausted, preventing potential damage and maintaining the dryness necessary for the oven's optimal performance. Maxtech's steam oven AC/DC HVAC Blower Motor is a product of rigorous research and advanced technology. It stands as a testament to Maxtech's commitment to providing top-tier quality products that enhance your kitchen appliances and, ultimately, your lifestyle. The HVAC blower motor is easy to install and promises a long lifespan, providing your steam oven with years of optimal performance. In addition, the safety of our customers is always Maxtech's number one priority. We ensure that our products meet the highest safety standards, and our HVAC blower motors are no exception. They are built with robust materials that can withstand high temperatures, ensuring your oven's safe and efficient operation.


The function of the steam oven AC/DC boiler fan motor is to exhaust the generated water vapor to maintain a dry environment inside the steam furnace and improve processing efficiency. Specifically, the steam oven AC/DC boiler fan motor can not only help discharge water vapor, but also bring air into the interior of the steam oven to provide the required oxygen and ensure the normal production process. Therefore, the role of the steam oven AC/DC boiler fan motor in the steam furnace cannot be ignored.

The structure of steam oven AC/DC boiler fan motor is generally divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. The motor and impeller of a vertical steam boiler fan are located on the same vertical axis, while the motor and impeller of a horizontal steam boiler fan are located on the same horizontal axis.

The 5V/9V kitchen Electric oven exhaust cooling fan motor is a common auxiliary equipment for steam boilers, which has the following performance:
1.Low noise: Some steam boiler fans have low noise performance, which can reduce noise pollution.
2. Dual use of blowing and suction: Some steam boiler fans have a dual use function of blowing and suction, which can be used for ventilation and steam absorption.
3. High temperature resistance: Some steam boiler fans can operate in high-temperature environments and will not be damaged due to high temperatures.
4. High pressure: Some steam boiler fans have high pressure performance and can provide higher air pressure.
5. Structural form: There are two types of structural forms for steam boiler fans: vertical and horizontal, which can be selected according to actual needs.

The technical parameters of the steam oven AC/DC boiler fan motor:

 product name

steam oven AC/DC boiler fan motor


 rated voltage

220VAC 50Hz

Rated power (W)


Rated current (A)


Speed (r/min)


Wind turbine size



In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient HVAC blower motor that maintains a superior oven environment, significantly improving processing efficiency, look no further than Maxtech's steam oven AC/DC HVAC Blower Motor - the ultimate solution for your steam oven's needs. Choose Maxtech; choose superior quality and optimal performance for your steam oven. At Maxtech, we take great pride in our high-quality products and are confident that our HVAC blower motor will exceed your expectations.
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